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Angela Rayburn: My Story

My Story: Angela Rayburn

In October 2012 I woke up one morning and I could not move. It felt like every joint was locked up. The pain was so bad I went to the doctor, who gave me a steroid pack. That worked for about three days before the pain became worse. I went back to the doctor for more tests, and then this crazy journey began. At the beginning my doctor prescribed me a daily dose of 60mg of steroids, which caused a lot of craziness, I was…

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Margaret Norton: My Story

My Story: Margaret Norton

My husband makes me rest, opens doors for me so I won't come into contact with extra germs and he reminds me to go to bed on time. I have always been very independent, but now he does things for me, like carries the laundry basket into the room for me to fold clothes. We have no children he insists on driving me to doctors appointments because it is a 45 minute drive to our physician and rheumatologist. I recently broke my ankle in two…

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My Story: Julia Chayko

My Story: Julia Chayko

Be positive, always look for the blessings in life. Don't be afraid to adjust your life - life will change, but it can be a good change if you allow it. Set goals for yourself to keep your hope alive. No goal is insignificant – it can be anything you want it to be, as small or as large as you make it, but do make a goal and do your best to meet it. Don't put pressure on yourself – you'll get there when…

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My Story: Sheree

My Story: Sheree

One step forward, two steps back. Most people see backwards steps as a negative thing. But I figure those backwards steps aren't a disaster – it's more like a cha cha.Rheumatoid Arthritis was the last thing I expected, but there I was, on the floor of my kitchen, crying my heart out with a diagnosis that would change the rest of my life.I was in denial for so long. Once I changed my mindset, all those other changes seemed easy.

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My Story: Christine

My Story: Christine

At first, I put it down to getting older, but then it reached a point where I could hardly walk. I’ve learned not to over do things when I am feeling good. Find someone that will be your sounding board when you need to de-stress. Remember that people can't always deal with listening to someone who is down all the time. Find a goal each day and achieve it.

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