7 Tips for Pushing Yourself Safely With RA

4. Create a Little Supply Kit

If you suffer from pain and find that things like heating pads or ice help your joints feel better, you can always carry some of these with you in a little supply kit alongside your meds.

You can purchase heating packs or ice packs that heat up or cool off immediately if they are activated. These can be applied even under a table if you’ve got knee or ankle problems, or you can keep your hands in your lap if you want to make sure you don’t draw attention to your RA. It is, however, up to you if you want people to be aware of it – this is just a tip in case you are embarrassed.

Another thing that sometimes helps me during flares or when I’m ill are popsicles. It sounds weird, but the cold always soothes my jaw or a headache, and makes me feel a little bit more peppy.

5. Boost Your Energy

Although I wouldn’t advise using artificial means to boost your energy most of the time, if you are trying to stay awake for one special day and have trouble with fatigue, there are some things you can do. Sometimes I drink Diet Coke to help wake me up and anything with caffeine will do that for you.

Additionally, you can try energy drinks for a temporary boost, but beware that any of these artificial energy boosters can make you crash later. However, it is worth it just for a quick burst.


For a more natural energy surge, you can try bee pollen tablets. I have used these and absolutely love them as they add an extra bit of energy during the day. These, however, cannot be used if you are allergic to bees, so please be wary before using a product like this.

6. Speak to Your Family and Friends

No matter what, there are some people who simply won’t understand your RA or why you will have to take time out to rest. But, it is better to attempt to explain your reasoning for having to sleep more or having to take extra medication so that you can give people the chance to understand.

If people are not being understanding, don’t let it stress you out, but give it a try beforehand so that everyone is on the same page.

 7. Rest

Once your busy day is over, it’s time to rest. Try to set aside a few days to recover. Plan ahead, especially if you have to take holiday time off of work, and be sure to get enough rest before getting back to your everyday life. Make sure to be kind to yourself!

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