RA and Joint Deformity

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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: RA and Joint DeformityRA and Joint Deformity

Unfortunately, RA and joint deformity go hand in hand. Learn about prevention and treatment of common joint deformities here.

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  • I waited awhile before I went to the Doctor with my symptoms. When I did I already started beginning to have deformities and I was in so much pain, but I had no idea that I had RA and it had progressed greatly. I live everyday with pain, loss of stability standing, loss of being able to use my left hand especially and both feet. I am getting to the point I can only walk or stand for short periods of time. Should I consider a wheelchair for the times I do go out to the grocery store and such. I don't want to cause further damage but I don't like the thoughts of being in a wheelchair, I am only 53 and I find that if people don't see the deformities in my feet, they look at me as if to say why is she in a wheelchair or parking in the handicap zone. WORRIED GIRL TAMARA

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