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    Suffering with RA over the years and not being properly diagnosed has been stressful! I quit worrying about it. One test was positive the next negative, so on and so on! But I suffered with those side effects ( painful joints. Fatigue, etc) over the years. It wasn't until I started my Plexus products that I noticed a difference in the last almost four years since I started them. After suffering almost twenty years with RA, I am now enjoying NOT having those effects. Yes, I still have RA but I don't feel it( once in a great while if the weather is going to be bad I can a little) I can bend my fingers, sleep at night, get up without taking a minute or longer because of stiffness, I don't need anti inflammatory meds or pain meds, AND I'm living life again! RA is a terrible thing to fight!! The struggles are draining. I'm just so very thankful I found something to help me with mine.

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