6 Tips for Combating Morning Stiffness

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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: 6 Tips for Combating Morning Stiffness6 Tips for Combating Morning Stiffness

"One of the most annoying and, unfortunately, hallmark symptoms of RA is morning stiffness," writes Anna. Consider these tips for limbering up.

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  • If you can do squats and lunges, you are doing great!
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    Angie - I agree with you 100% - well-intended but missing the mark "advice" from someone who has not been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Disease (RD) or other autoimmune disease(s).

    To those with both Rheumatoid Disease (RD) and Fibromyalgia: a classic ""symptom" of Fibro is the sheer exhaustion after bathing/showering in the AM. Something that wakes up, relaxes and rejuvenates everyone else sets our Fibro response into high gear. My PCP, Rheumy and Endocrinologist all recommended that I shower (no baths) at night instead. Take your bedtime meds, take the shower, drink a glass of water after the shower and get into bed. This will help you sleep better and is proactive against the inevitable Fibro flare. Sal Rodriquez, this might work well for you!
  • @Gloria54: Being active with autoimmune diseases is so important, and I have really suffered since the end of October when I had to stop my Arava, Prednisone, low-dose aspirin, muscle relaxer (Valium) and cutting my Gabapentin dose in half in prep for Nov 12th cervical posterior laminectomy with instrumented fusion (C5-C7). Post-surgery, all activities involving lifting anything more than 5lbs to mid-chest height, no bending at or below the waist and only walking around the house - no stairs. Wheelchair only to leave the house and no adding back any of the meds until mid-December! I've never hurt so much in my life! I've progressed to some outside walking with my walker but still need wheelchair for large hospital visits, big box stores, etc. I can do smaller stores like Walgreen's with walker with some difficulty, but I push myself to do it. I do stretching and limited core strengthening exercises at home daily and look forward to beginning specialized PT (mostly water work) very soon. By Spring I want to be able to walk around the block with a cane only and by summer longer, unassisted walks! So, no squats and lunges for me in the foreseeable future, but by December 2016 I want to be strong enough to successfully complete our local Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bells Walk (indoor with 1 or 3 mile options)! These are my goals and as I hit each milestone I will re-adjust as applicable. I have to get my neck, back and legs strong enough again to prep for my right knee total joint replacement and reconstruction!

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