Lack of energy and general swetness throughout my body

What has been my greatest challange since this condition consumed me in july lack of energy to do things that rrequire an effort on my part is but a quarter of what I had before.....I get tired very quickly and my body will swet completely from head to medication since the beginning is prednosone and works effectively to reduce the joint pain throughout my body.......every single joint is affected.....however I do not have swelling or redness anywhere....I now must be fully aware of my lack of capacity and rest a lot when I do small jobs that require a phyical effort....I can still golf as the effort is minimal and in small spurts....however after 2 hours ....I swet like a pig....totaly and completely....then L must relax totaly to regain normalsy.....and I tend to dose off during my rest period at anytime during the day...

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