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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: Bed Exercises for RABed Exercises for RA

It’s difficult to stay optimistic when you wake up stiff and sore, so improve your outlook and your comfort level with these bed exercises for RA.

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  • Has anyone else read The Road Back by Dr. Thomas Brown? He studied a pulsing low dose antibiotic protocol for many years. His work is detailed on I have taken methotrexate, plaquinil, ibuprofen, Simponi. I was best on Simponi; for two plus years I felt like I didn't have any disease. That was great until a year ago when I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. After a 2 month regimen of chemotherapy and radiation and another 8 months of recovery the RA flared again. Now I can take no drugs other than Celebrex and occasionally Vicodin for the bad days, nothing to stop the deterioration.

    I have been working with my rheumatologist and the ABP Dr. Brown pioneered in the 60s. I am certainly better than I was 8 months ago. Am I "cured?" They say there is no cure. Dr. Brown's research claims otherwise. The key is time and finding a doctor that will work with you. The FDA has tried to discredit his work. ABP doesn't make the drug companies the big bucks like Simponi and Embril and Humera.

    My hot tub helps, I need to start stretching and exercises, now that I can. Diet does affect how I feel but I haven't really figured out what works more of what I can't eat. I definitely recommend visiting, knowledge is power. If you learn one thing that helps it was worth the time.

    Best to all.

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