Safely Eliminate a Biologic

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imageSafely Eliminate a Biologic

It can be tempting to simply abandon your biologic once your RA goes into remission, but there is a chance that sudden elimination can bring on a flare up.

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  • This is terrible to tell people. My husband has been on Enbril since 2001. His rheuatoid arthritis totally was gone after six months. In 2012 his doctor said he was in remission and slowly removed the Enbril. He soon started flairing and in a little less than a year he spent hours not being able to move at all and having fever and great pain. A wonderful nurse practioner said we need to do a sed rate, which found his numbers extemely high and his RA was very active and would be doing organ damage. Being a Vietnam vet we decided to seek treatment at the local VA-we no longer had insurance to cover the expensive biologic. They immediately put him back on Enbril and after 3 months you would never know he had RA.

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