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I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this stupidity. I have a primary care doctor and have been with him for 15 years or so. I also have a Rheumatologist . They do not agree on my diagnoses of RA. While this normally would not be a huge issue, my Rheumatologist is leaving town soon and the nearest Rheumatologist is 60 miles away and I may have to depend on my primary doctor in a flare up. My Rheumatologist says it's sero-negative RA ...primary care doc says he thinks I'm just getting old, and that sero-negative RA is extremely rate. He also has a history of not hearing his patients complaints....well "hearing" but not really listening. Thoughts? Opinions? With the sero-negative diagnoses, I have no hard evidence of RA. My primary care doc likes tests and evidence of a diagnoses he can see on paper. I know what my symptoms are and I know that what I've experienced the last few years are NOT typical aging problems.


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    @Mainstreet_54 My husband was diagnosed through a blood test & also through x-rays of his hands which fortuneatly showed no evidence of any damage. His Dr. said his RA is mild but if you were to go by my husbands symptoms & how he feels ...He said it does'nt feel mild. The Dr. also said he treats & gos by the patients symptoms... how he is feeling & how its changed his normal habits & life...NOT just by test results alone. My husband has alot of pain & extreme swelling in his hands & shoulders. You really need a Dr. who LISTENS to how you're feeling. You know your body better than anyone else because your living in it. I myself have had things that have never showed up on a test & later on down the road...I was right about what was going on. If your primary Dr. is'nt listening to your concerns maybe its time to get another primary because your going to need a backup if your Rheumatologist is'nt around. My husband also sees a pain Dr. for his overall pain for his arthritus. You may want to consider this because it can (sometimes) be hard to get a primary Dr. to help treat your RA pain. ( Some primary drs. don't mind) It all depends on the Dr. If you got your diagnoses from your RA Dr. maybe you could see a pain Dr. who can help you with pain management. I hope you find a primary Dr. who can agree with your Rheumatologist because after all he is the one that specializes in RA not the primary Dr. ~Like I said...Always follow your intuition & gut... you know your body better than anyone else & if you feel its not typical aging problems...It probably not!! Best of luck & hope you find a good Dr. that really "Listens". :)
  • I did find a new Rheumatologist and for anyone in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend her. She took 3 HOURS to listen and examine me and communications via email and their on-line portal is excellent. Thanks for the advice there clover! I can manage the routine every day pain, its the flare ups that lay me right out and I needed a good specialist for those days.

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