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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: My Story: ShereeMy Story: Sheree

Rheumatoid Arthritis was the last thing I expected. I was in denial for so long. Once I changed my mindset, all those other changes seemed easy.

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  • AngAng Member
    What medicines or things have u tried to control the pain? I am 42 and just recently got diagnosed with ra and it's mostly in my feet and so painful to walk ,seems like it has consumed me and all I do is cry from depression. Please , any advice will be appreciated
  • I'm newly diagnosed this year. As well was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm currently getting over a back surgery from buldging disc.
  • Excellent description. Easier said than done, but EXCELLENT! Proud of you.
  • tbeartbear Member
    I am recently diagnosed. I am not into the biological medications. What are your thoughts? I am on CBD oil, krill, curcurim, vitamin c, probiotics. I am only 50 and have a bad family history with the the heart...meds, scare the heck outta me...I have lost weight and exercise at least three times a week.
  • LynnLynn Member
    I was finally diagnosed at the age of 36. After giving birth to my third child, I began having horrible fatigue, knees, fingers, feet swelling. Pain & swelling would gravitate to different parts of my body. It was so bad, I had to sit down to shower because I couldn't stand that long, sit on a stool to cook, and I was terrified of what was wrong with me and how I would be able to care for my children the way I wanted/needed to. I went to my primary Dr. 6X, going over & over & over the symptoms very specifically. Finally, he said, "There is nothing wrong with you! We've done blood work and everything is fine, and I am not going to write you pain medicine!" With tears in my eyes, I said, I did not ask you for pain medicine.
    I came to you for help because I am suffering and need a diagnosis." Furthermore, no one has even checked my vitals, how would you know what is wrong with me?" Mind you, that visit I felt horrible pain in my rib cage every time I took a breath. He said, if you don't like my services, there's the door!" I said, "how dare you treat someone who is suffering anf trusted you for help like this! I am leaving, and I'm going straight to another Dr. who will not only treat me humane, and not misjudge me, but actually give me a proper exam and diagnosis!" He said, "leave before I call the cops." I went straight to the ER where I was dx'd with pleurisy or costochondritis, which I now know can be common in people with RA. After that, I saw a Nurse, who I broke down in tears too, and begged her to please believe me. She gave me the specific blood test needed, which tests the blood for RA, Lupus, & MS.
    Ya-da RA it was! I was so happy to finally know what the illness was, so that I could seek treatment, but mourned the fact that my life would never again be the same. The horrible Dr. sent me a letter in the mail dismissing me as a patient. I went in and spoke to the Manager of the office, his superior, but felt my complaint fell on deaf ears. I regret not reporting him to the medical board. I had so much I was dealing with at the time. It was so sad what I went through, just to get diagnosis. 6X of seeing my primary, who only recommended ibuprofen and and a psych consult! I guess having a chronic illness and being in pain, means your crazy, right?! So wrong! After that, it took 6 months to get into to see a Rheumatologist from that point, and since I lived in the country, there were slim pickens on available Rheumy's. I went almost a year since the onset of the disease untreated, sadly. Everything I read, said that it was crucial to begin treating the disease aggressively, and ASAP after the onset, because that would give you the best chance for teaching remission. That better chance wasn't available for me, sadly. Last I read, only 6% of those with RA ever reach remission. I wish that number was so much higher. I pray for s cure. I went through waves of grief, mourning my former self. I had to get used to "limitations" That word was never in my vocabulary before. I was super-Mom, wife, business woman, volunteer, and go-go-go! Things came to a halt. I constantly try to calculate what I can and can't do. If I "over do it" as they say, I end up unable to get out of bed, sometimes for days! Thankfully, I began to work as a Mortgage Loan Officer from my home office, and go into the office only when absolutely necessary. It feels as though I am barely keeping my head above water. Even though there are days I work from home, other demands of getting to my Networking meeting has cost me many times of not being able to make it due to the pain and horrible flares. My husband & I have 5 beautiful children between us. My job is a stressful one. No way around thst, it just is. Of course stress exacerbates flares. I have indomnia, no sleep exacerbates flares. It's like I get in this vicious circle and can't get out. Next thing you know, it's like someone took my batteries out, I can't function, and my body will sleep for 3 days. I wake up like RIP Van Winkle feeling scared no confused. Many times, I have felt guilty for being sick! There's just so much more that I'd like to be doing with my children and can't, but I make the best of it, and do what I can. My family is supportive. I don't know what I would do without my husband. He picks up the slack when I am unable to do some things. I thank God for him everyday and pray he will never forsake me. He was God-sent in every way, about 2 years after the sudden death of my late-husband in 2009. Before that, I was a widow with 3 small children, living 800 miles from my best friends and family. God always made a way though. Just when you are in the worst storms of life and think the sun will never shine again, God sends a rainbow!
  • It has been a year for me. This has been the worst part of my life. I went in depression and tried to get my life back. Its hard when you are used to doing for yourself, and can't move out your bed. I hope they find a cure soon. This is the worst pain, and fatigue to have. Humira, predisone, methedate, all meds that are not helping, just making me bigger.
  • angelangel Member
    I've been diagnosed with RA, OA, Polymalgia Rheumatic and Fibro for the last 6 years. The last 3 years have been the worst. I still am unable to accept and deal with my medical issues. I use a walker to and from work. If we go out shopping I need to use a motorized cart or wheelchair. I wear braces for my feet and up my calves due to charcot feet. I just turned 50 last week. This is NOT how I imagined my life at this age. I'm tired, bitter, and not happy. I wish I could learn to deal with this because I agree with Sheree about needing to accept it but I can't. I don't know why I can't but so far it hasn't happened.
  • angelangel Member
    @Ang I understand just how bad your feet hurt. Please research charcot foot. I have this and waited too long to deal with it so that it didn't get as bad as it ended up getting. Both my rheumatologist and podiatrist say having RA made this worse. Research it and then see a podiatrist. I've swore to myself that I would tell people about this so that they can be spared letting it go on too long and end up too far gone to prevent the issues. Take care.
  • Has anyone tried rituxan for ra. Your opinions has it helped you

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