Gluten-Free Diet for Relief

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  • This article is a bit confusing, in my opinion, since it says gluten free (yet, says elimination of corn & rice) which are not glutinous grains. Also, wheat is gluten, in any form and GMO free or organic has no relevance to the gluten. And, the study seems flawed since it would be difficult to differentiate which participants responded to the removal of gluten and which ones were positively responding to the removal of animal products. Both, gluten and animal products, have been linked to inflammation in many studies. It seems, to me, though to have an accurate picture of the effects there would need to be 4 study groups - one on a normal diet containing gluten, and animal products, one void of both, then one group free of animal products and a final group that only followed gluten free while consuming animal products. If they mean carbohydrate specific diet, which does eliminate the grains of corn and rice, in addition to gluten then it should clarify this factor.

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