COMMUNITY QUESTION: Coping with nodules?

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Linda asks: 'I have been seeing an RA doctor for a few years. I've been tested for RA and the test results are negative. I have very painful nodules on both hands. I had many removed.....knee, foot, elbows, and my wrist over a course of years. I've been told it's caused by my autoimmune system. I had breast cancer in 2013. During my chemo treatment, the nodules disappeared. However, they returned more severe and larger. I've been told they need to be removed surgically. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.'


  • Hi Linda,
    I have sero-negative RA.There are no blood markers but my hands look like someone in a horror movie.I have nodes on all my fingers.All my fingers have "shunted" -that means they are fused and will not allow me to make a fist or grasp objects.I am in agogy.I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis in my back which affects my hips,neck and all of my back.I was born with it and I have sought 4 Rheumatologists but I am allergic to all biologics,Steroids and the meds they Rx such as the injections,My Primary Rx's a weak pain med but I take so much Aspirin I bruise all the time.I will eventually have to have some of these nodes removed but it may leave me in more pain.Was your surgery to remove the nodules very painful and did it take a long time to heal?

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