Study Shows Gut Bacteria Has Link to RA

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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: Study Shows Gut Bacteria Has Link to RAStudy Shows Gut Bacteria Has Link to RA

New research is showing a link between gut bacteria and RA, giving doctors more information for predicting, preventing, and treating the disease.

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  • After having RA for a while I figured it's about what you eat or drink is what will flare you up. No soda, artificial sweetners, sugar, salt, pasta, bread. Anything white basically stay away from. Switch to brown rice. Soy sauce, bad. Test what you eat and see how it makes you feel. If I drink soda my hands are instantly on fire. Fried foods bad, don't use anything but olive oil or grape seed, coconut or ghee to cook with. Peanut, canola oils will make you feel bad. Alcohol gives you inflammation. RA can be managed by what you eat. I've had it since I was 26 going to be 55, I tend to be off meds than I am on. What you put into your body makes a difference about how your RA is managed. I also try to keep my weight down. Food makes a difference. I am not a dietician just a lady with RA.
  • Diagnosed 20+ years ago and I truly do not believe it has anything to do with the gut. Anyone who switches to a healthy diet will surely feel somewhat better. But it won't stop the destruction that RA causes. You need a DMARD for that. No quick fixes, I'm afraid.
  • I have has RA for at least 11 years, which I was diagnosed with soon after I has Carpal tunnel surgery. I did the PrednisoMethotrexate for a while. Had many flare-ups. Started Humira injections 8 years ago, every week, now down to every other week. Flare-ups are few and dark between and I feel great.

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