Why We Need to Stop Calling it Rheumatoid Arthritis

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    As a 45 year-old woman diagnosed only 2 years ago, yet has been destroyed by this disease [pending insurance authorization for 8th(?!) Biologic], what steps can I/we take toward changing this diagnosis "name"?! A day does not go by when someone, from loved ones to strangers, equates Rheumatoid Disease with Osteoarthritis. RD is a SYSTEMIC disease affecting not only our joints but can quickly damage our cardiovascular and pulmonary health as well (just to name a few), yet so very few comprehend this very real mortality. Then there is OA, a condition that is often purely a symptom of aging, that "most" inaccurately assume I suffer . Thank you @KellyO'NeilYoung for being a Warrior!! Your book is overwhelmingly timely as we face continuous government interfering with both our treatments and medical providers.

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