How To Cope When RA Complicates Your Life

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  • "The good news is RA is a manageable disease, and most newer RA medications allow help people to continue to be productive and functioning. These medicines help with pain and slow down joint damage."

    Diagnosed with RA three years ago yet this disease has NEVER been manageable for me!! Out of the 7 drug trials that I have attempted thus far, 4 of these WERE the "newer" RA medications: Orencia, Xeljanz, Actemra and Humira (being the worst!).

    Hence this article loses its credibility with the very first sentence in that paragraph. Nothing about RA has been "good" for me.

    Starting Kevzara soon (released May-2017) hoping (and praying) that it may finally be "the one" to help slow the progression of my disease.

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