What Causes Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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  • I have had RA for a little over 15 yrs. I may be completely wrong in my theory of what caused it but find it coincedental that it came on quickly and my RA count was 425 and was told normal is 24. I started getting big sores mainly on my stomach that turned into huge infected sores and started feeling very ill. I went to my doctor and he knew immediatly the cause and gave me medicine for infection and had me put 2 capfulls of bleach in hot bathwater and to wet the washcloth in the water, soap the washcloth and scrub on the sores as hard as I could stand so that the bleack would kill the bacteria. It worked well but I still have scars. He told me to search where I was sleeping(on the sofa) and I should find a black bug hiding there called kissing bugs. They lay in wait for you to go to sleep and have a fine needle-like tentacle which is so fine you don't feel it. They penetrate the skin and first regurgitate bacteria into you and the start to feed off your blood. They come from Mexico and I live in Texas. They make you so sick and can cause death. I came home and removed the sofa cushions and there it was. I took it outside and smashed it and it was full of blood. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with RA and suffered a complete achilles tendon rupture due to inflamation. I can't help but think that my immune system went into overdrive trying to fight this foreign bacteria.

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