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imagePain Management

Rheumatologists assess your condition and prescribe medication to control pain and progression starting with disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs).

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  • zappyzappy Member
    I really need help im in so much pain its not even funny please help me
  • I have RA, did not have a flare up for a long time, but was very ill, and then got the worse flare up ever. Especially chest pain, it is the worse pain, I have pain in my wrists, joints, etc, but the chest pain is such that is making me so tired, I am on Anthrotec 75, along with Paracetamol/codeine 500/20 mg. If I forget the tablets and the pain comes back, it is unbearable. It hurts to talk, reach, move my arms, even to breathe hurts.
  • I was diagnosed with RA approx. 6 yrs ago. The only marker that was elevated was
    my CRP. Initially started on methotrexate and
    my liver enzymes elevated, that was stopped . I then went on Arava and have been on it ever since. I continued with
    symptoms. Humira injections were started and I had a good response. My b/p became out of control. I saw a Nephrologist and had a kidney work up. I was found to have Renal cell carcinoma. My meds were all stopped and O had miserable 3 months. 2 years later my Rheumatologist started me on Actemra infusions. Prior to starting my infusions I questioned if I could continue to work. After being on it for 18 months my pain has been greatly reduced. Just started on Plaquenil which has helped with my hand stiffness. I am now on a 3 drug therapy. Work full time as a critical care nurse. My med regimen has greatly helped.

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