What Do Others Experience with RA?

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imageWhat Do Others Experience with RA?

Understanding others' experience with RA can help you get an idea about the process. Celia and Edgar describe their experiences with rheumatoid arthritis.

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  • gloriagloria Member
    Does rheumatoid affect your swallowing
  • does rheumatoid arthritis cause like you have a bad cold and shortness in breath
  • My swallowing is greatly affected. @gloria It is most difficult at pill time. I've learned to split pills, eat softer foods, eat slowly, and avoid really spicy foods. Sometimes I'll realize that I held a liquid in my mouth for minutes, just waiting for the moment when I can swallow. I also experience a greater gagging reflex. How about you?
  • Does RA and Fibromyalgia usually get dx. together? ( Or occur at the sametime? ) I have positive RA with the help blood work as well as some of my symptoms. Other symptoms included anterior thigh/muscle pain bilaterally.
    These symptoms were dx. as FB. not RA. It seems like when the thigh pain increases I have increased wrist swelling as well as pain. I think my RA MD is covering both symptoms. I have had some relief with the Metho. along with Cymbalta. Recently, my symptoms have increased, constant swelling and over all anterior thigh pain, the pain does not go into the joint. (both hips have been replaced), Since the medications are offering only short term relief she is now adding Xeljanz to my list of medications. My question is, is the the correct treatment of both diseases ? I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms since Spring of 2014. Prior to the dx of RA, I was admitted to the hospital for pain control in my right hip, elevated WBC and Sed rates. A hip injection was attempted to offer pain relief, but it was not successful. The radiologist found increase amount of fluid in the joint and he said I would feel better once that was removed and replaced with a steriod. Unfortunaelty, the fluid was not sent to the lab for investigation. While in the hospital numerous testing was done, and the lab work for RA came back positive. I was given IV steriods and oral methotrexate on discharge. It helped for a short time. All follow up RA doc visits, my meds have either been increased or change to something new. At this time I'm searching for 'some relief' with my symptoms!!! Am I on on the right path,,,,,or, is my doctor.? Is this normal for under 8 mthts of diagnosis? HELP, just would like some answers. Is there a support group near by to talk face to face with other RA patients?
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
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    Hi @Barbara, RA and Fibro do often occur at the same time. If you're looking for help with Fibro symptoms, we also have a community at https://fibromyalgia.newlifeoutlook.com.

    If you're not sure about a treatment, please either clarify with your doctor or consult with a second doctor for an alternate opinion.

    There are usually local support groups, if you get in touch with your local Arthritis Foundation office, they should be able to connect you to one: http://www.arthritis.org/local-offices :)

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