Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

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Rheumatoid Arthritis article: Rheumatoid Arthritis SymptomsRheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

There are a number of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms to look out for, including pain and swelling in the joints.

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  • I've been having the worst pain in my right hand and arm. On a scale of 1-10 it's a 30. I have RA and fibromyalgia. My body hurts all over but this pain in my right hand has been going on for several weeks. I try not to take pain pills everyday but have been taking 2 a day and they don't even touch it.
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  • ChrisChris Member
    My symptoms started with sore shoulders.. I could not raise my arms to put on clothing; could not even pull a sheet over me in bed! It affected my hip joints, neck & arms. I was diagnosed with polymyalgia rhumatica.
  • Over the past few weeks , the swelling in both of my ankles has gotten really bad. I have numbness in both has that has also gotten worse. I was taking xeljanz for a few months but it hasn't been helping. I am now going on Orencia. Has anyone had any success with the Orencia. Than you
  • The numbness that I have is in both hands
  • Does anyone have any homeopathic suggestion so to supplement RA treatment? RA is not new to mankind, there must be old remedies out there?
  • srtsrt Member
    Can RA only be identified by a blood test? I have all the symptoms, but it's not identified in my blood.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Kingdavida Thanks so much for your question! Check out these articles for more information on herbal remedies and alternative treatments for RA:

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  • Mumu318Mumu318 Member
    @Darlene -it sounds as if you may be having an RA Flare. I've had many of those and sadly, the only thing I've ever found to help is a Prednisone 10 day pack or a cortisone shot in my backside. Flare-up are the worst! Hope you feel better soon!
  • Does anyone have any information about psoriatic arthritis? Recently diagnosed and on medication but the medication is making me nauseous. I've been taking it with food but still makes me nauseous. Any ideas to help with the nausea? Plus what other then pain pills work with them pain? Thanks for any advice and for any extra information.
  • I had horrible pain in multiple joints, and fibromyalgia symptoms as well. All the pain disappeared when I stopped eating wheat.
  • I've had RA for 17 years and found it much relief once I went on a gluten free diet! (no oats, wheat, barley or rye not even a bite!) Celiac disease runs on my mother's side of the family! My arthritis Doctor never tested me or asked if there was a gluten allergy in the family! Otherwise I believe I would be in a wheelchair by now!
  • Also had cancer in 2006! I had 6 and a half weeks of radiation chemo at University of Michigan Hospitalall! My U/M doctors said it was from the Methotrexate and prednisone because it suppresses the immune system! I will do anything not to take big meds for my rheumatoid arthritis! Rather try homoeopathic methods because of all of the side effects from RA medicine!
  • I have had RA for a very long time. I was able to work as a Realtor for over 20 years then I fell and torn my ACL. I ended up having 3 knee operations and my career was ended. I found out that trama and infection can make RA very active. I am 63 years old and have been disabled since 2008. I cannot stand for a very long time. I take 3 Aleve a day and Methotrexate and 1 Tramadol. I am from Texas and all the past rain sent me into a flare that was horrible. I took predisone and all the inflamation went away. I have decided it is a quality of life issue because I am sick of feeling sick and sitting on the couch. I do think I will try to cut wheat after what I read here.
  • @srt there is what is known as sero-negative RA. Talk w your daughter chores about that possibility.

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