The Importance of Communicating About Your RA

Yulanda SabrinaYulanda Sabrina
Jul 21, 2017

Yulunda shares some of her tips on how you can openly communicate about your RA with the people around you.

Communicating with the People Around You

It’s important to communicate with your loved ones, friends, and the people around you about RA. It’s time to stop keeping a secret and to talk about it.

Learning to open up and talk about RA can be difficult, but we can only get better and overcome the disease by allowing the people who love us the most to help us.

Asking For Help

We all need help. We can’t do this by ourselves, and one of the things everyone can learn is to open up and communicate with the people around you.

Don’t wait for others to ask you if you’re okay. Just go to that person, and say, “I’m struggling today,” or “Can you help me with this today?” They will be more than happy to help you.

Join a Group

It’s not right for you to have to suffer alone.

If there isn’t someone in your life that are not in contact with on a day-to-day basis, then find forums to join or go to YouTube and research people who are telling their stories.

Joining these groups can help you find the answers and the support you need when dealing with RA. Don’t be afraid of jumping in and commenting on posts – everyone is there to help.

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