Tips for Coping With Joint Stiffness in the Morning

Debbie Cyza DuncanDebbie Cyza Duncan
Jan 11, 2017

After several hours of the sleep, it isn’t uncommon to wake up with stiff joints and sore muscles.

Watch the video above to learn some tips and tricks for joint stiffness, or read the written summary below.

Start Slow

First thing in the morning, I don’t just get right out of bed. I try my best just to lay on my back, relax for a moment while stretching from head to toe. Stretch whatever muscles you can.

Stay Hydrated

After sleeping eight — or more — hours, not having any liquid all night can leave you feeling dehydrated. The water helps to wake me up more and keep me moving.

Enjoy a Warm Shower

The next step is a really important one. A nice warm shower. If you’re unable to stand for a long period of time I recommend you purchase a shower chair. You can get them at any drugstore and they’re really easy to put together. Let the warm water hit those joints and the muscles that hurt you. Maybe do a little more stretching there and then go about your day.

Keep Moving

Don’t stay sedentary, keep moving as much as you can. If you work at a desk job, try to do some of your work standing up. Or, if you can’t do that, try to take a bit of a walk on your break.

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