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Brindusa (Brenda) Vanta is an alternative health care doctor, author and medical writer. She has written for the Livestrong, South Asian Health Chronicle, Oakville Massage Community and Information Network, and she focuses on nutrition and homeopathy. She received her MD degree from Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine, Romania, and her HD diploma from Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine.

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Beware of These Potential Drug Interactions With Supplements

Beware of These Potential Drug Interactions With Supplements

Relief can be found from herbs for rheumatoid arthritis. Just make sure to be aware of the potential herb and drug interactions.
by Brenda Vanta on August 26, 2014
Getting Involved in an RA Clinical Study

Getting Involved in an RA Clinical Study

If you are thinking about participating in RA clinical studies that evaluate new medication, you should learn as much as you can about that research study.
by Brenda Vanta on August 11, 2014
Could a Splint to Improve Comfort Benefit You?

A Simple Splint for RA Can Make a Difference

Use a splint to improve comfort when you have rheumatoid arthritis. They can help your joint work less and rest more by decreasing the range of motion.
by Brenda Vanta on July 4, 2014
You and RA on Independence Day

How to Have a Healthy and Happy July 4th

Effectively managing your RA on Independence Day could be the difference between a flare up and quality time with your family and friends.
by Brenda Vanta on June 25, 2014
Food Allergies and RA Flares

Caring for Your Allergies to Combat RA Inflammation

In the last few decades scientists started to link diet with inflammation. Food allergies are also another big trigger of inflammation.
by Brenda Vanta on June 18, 2014
Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercises

Starting Your Aerobic and Resistance Exercises With RA

The more oxygen you can use, the more energy your body can produce. A personal trainer can recommend a program for great Rheumatoid Arthritis exercises.
by Brenda Vanta on May 28, 2014
Having a BBQ

Enjoying Summer BBQ Parties With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Summer is almost here and you will likely host a BBQ party or two during this season. Here are a few tips to keep having a BBQ with RA pain free.
by Brenda Vanta on May 14, 2014
Easing RA Joint Pain at the Computer

Keeping Your Joints Healthy and Pain Free at the Computer

How many hours do you spend in front of your computer? It is important to understand how ergonomic products work and how they can help with RA joint pain.
by Brenda Vanta on May 7, 2014
Hobbies for RA

Discover New Hobbies to Add More Fun to Your Life

Rheumatoid arthritis impacts your quality of life including your desire to follow your favorite activities. How to rediscover hobbies for RA patients.
by Brenda Vanta on May 2, 2014