Enjoying Summer BBQ Parties With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Enjoying Summer BBQ Parties With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Having a BBQ

Summer is almost here and you will likely host a BBQ party or two during this season. However, your small joints may not like these parties too much. You will need to use your fingers and wrists to prepare and serve the food, and you will also sit up most of the time and thus the feet may become painful. There are a few tips you can use to make this party enjoyable and pain free.

Cook Smart

One way to cook smart is to let someone else do some of that cooking. Go to the grocery store and buy precut meat and preformed hamburgers, so you eliminate some work in the kitchen. Plates with salads and fruits are also available, so you don’t have to peel or chop the fruits and veggies. In addition, you will avoid keeping your hands in cold water to wash these foods. As you know, cold water can aggravate rheumatoid arthritis.

Pay attention to how you hold a cup or plate. Use both hands, palms turned up and fingers straight, so there will be less pressure on your finger joints.

Use a rolling chart to avoid too many trips to the BBQ grill, when arranging the table or when you clean after the party. If you want to keep things even more simple and avoid washing the dishes, you can use paper or foam plates and plastic cups.

It’s worth investing in some cooking tools that are joint friendly. For example, the small chef’s knife maybe be more comfortable to use than the regular, hard to use cutting knife.  Some strainers are designed to fit in the sink, so you don’t have to use one hand to hold it when you cook pasta or salads.


Get a stool or chair by the BBQ and use it, rather than standing up. Encourage your guests to sit on their chairs as well.  Wear comfortable shoes that would not bother your feet, or be too tight. Choose casual, sports sandals with a good arch support or some sneakers.

Who did you invite to your party? Mostly friends, right? Friends can also help you by bringing some food that is already prepared or help you grilling the food and cleaning afterwards, too.

When your friends leave, consider the fact that even the handshake can be modified: using both hands when you handshake is less stressful than the regular handshake.

Turn up some music and play some outdoor games that are not too hard on your joints, such as croquet and badminton.

Don’t overeat, drink plenty of water and limit the alcohol consumption, so you can get a good night’s rest. Avoid too much sun by using large umbrellas and sun screen.

Enjoy having a BBQ, but remember to avoid getting too tired. Set up a specific time when you think the party should start and end, and make sure your guests know in advance. When you invite them to the party, simply tell them when the party will begin and when it will end.

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