Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Include in Your RA Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Include in Your RA Diet

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Rheumatoid Arthritis

When you have rheumatoid arthritis, you have inflammation. The inflammation in the joints can be made worse with foods; that’s why you need an anti-inflammatory diet.

An anti-inflammatory diet is one that focuses on foods that do not cause inflammation in the body. Some of the foods on this diet such as the salmon, which provides omega-3 fats, will counter inflammation, as will the herbs.

What to Eat on This Diet

What types of foods are on the anti-inflammatory diet? Here’s a list of some of them below. You’ll see that these foods are easily ones that you can incorporate into your diet:

  • All vegetables, but limit nightshades if you have sensitivities toward them (eggplant, tomatoes)
  • All fruits
  • Beans and legumes
  • Bottled water, distilled preferably
  • Herbs and culinary spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric
  • Meat or protein foods at every meal, but never more than 4 oz.
  • Dark chocolate (preferably not with any sugar)
  • Some dairy products daily, but never more than two cups daily
  • Olive oil
  • Fish oil
  • Fish, wild-caught
  • Grains, only if they are not GMO

What Not to Eat on This Diet

It’s also important to know what NOT to eat on an anti-inflammatory diet. Here’s a short list:

  • Sugar and any foods containing sugar
  • Sugar substitutes and any foods containing them
  • Processed foods and processed meats
  • Any foods made with trans fats
  • Any foods fried in oils of any kind
  • GMO wheat, rice, corn, soy, and other grains
  • Any foods you are allergic to or are sensitive to

Diet Templates

Thus, a breakfast might look like this one:

  • 2 soft-boiled or poached eggs
  • ½ cup einkorn wheat (non-GMO)
  • 1 cup berries with cinnamon and real whipped cream
  • 1 handful raw almonds

Lunch and dinner menus might contain the following options:

  • 4 oz salmon, grilled with lemon and olive oil
  • 1 cup green beans
  • Spinach salad with honey mustard dressing
  • 1/3 baked yam
  • 1 apple
  • 4 oz buffalo vegetable patty (homemade with carrots, parsley, onions, garlic, spices)
  • ½ acorn squash
  • Asparagus spears
  • Carrot-wild rice salad
  • Dark chocolate treat

You can see here that there’s plenty to eat on this diet and you’ll never starve! You’ll only feel healthier and healthier as time goes on.

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